Education Programs for Musicians

Welcome to the Salisbury Symphony's Education Programs page, a treasure trove of music education and inspiration that has been fostering the growth of budding musicians in our community for over half a century.

Through our invaluable In-School Programs, we bring the joy and depth of music directly to classrooms, offered free to the educational system, embodying our belief that every student deserves the chance to explore their musical potential. Our After-School Instruction caters to various age groups and skill levels, promising an enriching learning journey designed to cultivate talent, foster musical appreciation, and instill a profound understanding of the symphony. As we celebrate the many years of nurturing the music landscape in our community, we warmly invite your support to continue offering these impactful programs. Dive in, explore the harmony of our offerings, and find out how you can help us orchestrate a future filled with music.


Summer Music Camp

The Summer Music Camp is a two-week program filled with comprehensive music education.

After-School Strings

The After-School Strings program is a highly interactive and skill-focused course designed for both beginners and intermediate string players.

Youth Orchestra

The Youth Orchestra program offers students an extraordinary opportunity to hone their musical skills under the guidance of a dedicated director.

Nutcracker Chorus

The Nutcracker Chorus is a magical union of music and tradition. Participants rehearse and perform choruses from Tchaikovsky's beloved Nutcracker Ballet alongside the Salisbury Symphony.

Adult Strings

Our Adult Strings program offers a unique space for adults of all musical backgrounds.

In School Programs


Salisbury Symphony's Mini-Concerts are an innovative approach to bringing the concert hall to the classroom.

Education Concert

Our Education Concert program aims to expose every 5th grader in the county to a professional orchestral performance.

Side-By-Side Concert

The Side-By-Side Concert is a unique collaboration between our local schools and the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra.


Positive Notes Scholarship

The Positive Notes Scholarship is a testament to the Salisbury Symphony's commitment to ensuring that financial circumstances should never be a barrier to musical education.

David Hagy Scholarship

Launched in 2023 and named in honor of Music Director Emeritus, David Hagy, this prestigious scholarship celebrates the spirit of musical excellence and dedication.